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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Architectural Salvage

Gonzales Texas is the place to go for anything old, crusty and fabulous.  We found two old porch pillars (they're not exactly the same, but close) to place on the short wall that divides the kitchen from the family room.  We're not sure if this is a load bearing wall (do you remember the 3 cedar log posts that were there in the beginning?)  but, these two pillars seem to be holding things up.

Here's a before shot of the post we put in temporarily after taking out the cedar logs (I'll find a pic of the logs and post later).  It's also a great shot of the front of Larry and Domingo and a fabulous old jack, with chippy green paint and rust, that Larry has refused to sell me, so far.  I plan to wear him down though so watch for a future post on my new (old) jack.

Last thing, notice the black and pink granite counter tops?  Stay tuned for changes... 

Did we tell you about the tree?

Hello to all of our followers out there in blog land.  So sorry for not posting in ages.  We've been busy!  I'll try to catch you up on all of the happenings here, especially after receiving a personal plea from an Argentinian follower who explained he was "hooked" and thought we might have died!

So, about the tree.  Seems that when the master bedroom was added to the house there was a little tree in the way.  Our renovations (about which I will post soon) uncovered the trunk that they had just left in place and put tile right over the top.  No mortar or anything down into the hole, just a tile over the top.  I'm still hoping we'll find money or treasure buried somewhere but so far, just this tree.