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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Mertz's Return

They're back, and they brought with them 3 new members of the cast.  Lucy, Ricky and Little Ricky.  We were so excited to see them.  They're not ready to come all the way up the hill yet so we're throwing corn down to them.  

Fat Albert returned too.  He brought a girlfriend that is the exact opposite in coloring but just as homely.  We haven't named her yet.  Any suggestions?

Alien Visitors

Here they are, all the way from the Left Coast.  
John Deere Racing would have been in order if we only had two.  

Never forget the Alamo!  I really should have taken pictures of all of the meals we ate.  It was epic and the most fun we've had since moving here.  

Veges for everyone soon

Not quite enough to share yet, but it looks like most everything will be ripe at the same time.  Ann was right, I put too many tomato plants in my limited space.  It's a jungle now but we're getting lots of cherry toms and picked our first normal size tomato today.

Lemon cukes are delicious and I'll have way too many very soon.

Our first eggplant.  Fried it, of course and it was delicious.
 Used these to make an eggplant agrodolce, also excellent.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Great to have our son and friend Landon here for the Memorial Day weekend.  They floated the river and did the local music venue.

Memorial Day

What fun to celebrate the holiday surrounded by family and friends.  Other than the AC breaking in the late afternoon and scrambling to find someone to fix it on a holiday weekend, all went well.

Every Man Should Own a Deere

Exciting day around here when we got the opportunity to buy a riding lawn mower that had hardly ever been used from our next door neighbor.  It's been a dream to own a John Deere that's now been fulfilled.  Check one off the bucket list!

 Too bad it had issues from sitting unused for so long, but they are now resolved and the grass is shorter than ever.

The Closet

We gave up 2 feet of great room space to gain a new closet, a display space and a flat wall for hanging a barn door.  This was dead space anyway and it gives us much needed storage.  

We'll be painting this new area and the great room next.  I'll post pictures of the finished area after we complete the painting.