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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Deck Changes

We've lived with the treated pine deck for a year now with plans to change the railing and stain it the same color as the patio cover on the rock deck.  Well finally we got a round to the staining part and are very pleased with the results. 
Notice  Fat Albert & Margene don't seem to mind the color of the unstained deck.

Here's my DH at the mid point.  Like everything else we've painted, it was done with a brush and a rag.  Rollers just seemed to add too much stain and that stuff's not cheap!

 The final result is quite dramatic and the contrast between the dark wood and the rocks on the house and the adjoining deck looks great.  It's not finished yet as we ran out of stain just as we finished the top and are now waiting for some dry weather days to finish the undersides that can be seen from the river.

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