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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Second Oven

Here's Larry working on the removal of our vent hood in preparation for installation of the new Micowave/Convection Oven Combo.  I really would have liked to have a professional vent hood but since we decided not to change the footprint of the kitchen or replace the cabinets, this seemed like the best way to go.  I'm loving the space we gained to the left side of the range now that the old microwave is gone.  

Now that it's installed and I've used it, I'm loving having 2 ovens.  It really works great as a small oven that, because it vents through the roof, doesn't heat up the kitchen.  I asked Larry to mount it a little higher than is normal so that it would look less crowded over the range.  Wait till I post the pictures of the new range and backsplash.  It really looks like we know what we're doing in the kitchen!

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