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Monday, April 11, 2011

Remember the Dining Room?

Here's how it happened, I swear.  After the guys poured the slab in the backyard we walked on it for a day then it came to me in a dream.  What if instead of blowing through the guest bedroom that is on the other end of the kitchen to create a galley style space with the dining room in the former bedroom, we go the other direction.  All that would be needed is to knock down rock walls that hold up the entire house.  So it doesn't hurt to ask does it?  Well the answer from Charlie, the master stone mason and our contractor Larry was... not a problem.  Going in this direction gives us a dining room that would be about 10' X 13', plenty of space for a nice big table and not much to reroute or rewire and we get to keep the guest bedroom.  So we gave them the go-ahead and the walls came down.

Larry and his trusty sidekick Domingo (on the ladder)  

They built us a false wall and installed the old door so we could keep out some of the cold during construction.
 See the french doors?  The new dining area will end just to the right of the doors.

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