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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The slider is in!

It took awhile to get here but they finally got the sliding glass door in.  It's a Pella and we can see the difference in quality between the door and the Home Depot stock windows.  Luckily we spent the extra money on the door as it'll get a ton of use.
 With the false wall gone, you can see where the old tile floor ends.  The new cement is the added square footage, about 50 square feet total.  We're trying to match the tile at this point because we're not ready to redo the entire kitchen yet.  Wait to see what we end up with.
 The patio cover is just getting started in this pic.  Notice the header board above the roof.  You'll see completed pictures later.  Also notice that we have a new closet.  Larry, our amazing contractor thought it would be a good idea to build a small closet in a dead space area just to the right of the rock wall you see.  Now we have a place for outdoor cushions and stuff.  We have lots of stuff!

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