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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Entry Patio

Here are a few pictures of our entry patio as it existed when we bought the house.  It was painted concrete that was supposed to look like wood beams in between concrete slabs.  It had as many as 5 different levels and seemed rather small.  The worst part of it was that when the pecan leaves dropped and were wet, the area was very slippery.  
 The above picture looks from the front door out to the garage on the left and driveway.

 Here's my DH working on the headboard/old door using the patio edge to trim the door.

 This is the new patio.  Our front door is just visible on the left and Charlie is doing the last step of acid washing the stone.  He's evened out some of the levels and it makes the space seem huge.  We love the look of the stone and will enjoy how non-slippery it will be if it ever rains again.

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